Here are some do’s and don’ts to pay attention to as you’re going through the home inspection process.

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For those going through the home inspection process—be they buyers or sellers—there are some do’s and don’ts that are vital to understand:

1. Sellers: DO consider a pre-listing inspection. It might seem unnecessary, but this is a really good way to find out what issues will potentially come up during the buyer’s inspection period. Identifying and fixing issues before a buyer sees it will help prevent a buyer from requesting certain repairs that they may want you to hire a licensed contractor to fix.




    Don’t convince yourself that you don’t need a home inspection.





2. Buyers: DO consider a home inspection for any property you’re interested in. Even if the property is new construction and seems to be in great condition, don’t convince yourself that you don’t need a home inspection. Among other things, a home inspection will point out any red flags on the property and the inspector’s report will also serve as a makeshift owner’s manual for the home you’re about to purchase (so hold onto it even after closing!).

3. Buyers: DON’T expect a home to be restored to perfect condition.
No home is perfect, and even with new construction homes, you’ll likely find a few issues on the inspection report. However, those issues are unlikely to be serious, so don’t go into the transaction with the expectation that the seller is going to fix everything wrong with the property.

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